About Us

About Strategic Warehousing in Eagan & the Twin Cities:
Our History

Put Our Experience To Work For You

While we’re proud of our history and more than 30 years of serving our clients, we’re focused much more on the future and how we can continue to build our customers’ businesses. Our management team has decades of collective industry expertise and many of our employees have been with us for years. At Strategic Warehousing we believe in lifelong partnership.

Our Mission

Make Every Move A Strategic Move

We’re dedicated to not being noticed at Strategic Warehousing. If we’re doing our job, you won’t see us. That’s because we build tailored, custom programs for every client and execute those plans as though we’re an integral part of your business; an internal distribution hub rather than a contracted 3PL.

Sometimes the best work is done behind the scenes with little fanfare. At Strategic Warehousing we’ve been integrating seamlessly with our clients’ business operations for more than 30 years. Our teams of specialists are experts at understanding individual business needs and tailoring services, deadlines and quality control procedures that meet those needs exactly.

Our Advantages

Get the Strategic Advantage

Strategic Warehousing is more than just a name. It’s an entirely new way to manage your supply chain. It’s about combining state of the art technology tools with personalized service to shorten lead times and streamline inventory.

From our location with easy, efficient access to the interstate systems of the Midwest to our campus of multiple, flexible storage facilities we’re focused on creating strategic business advantages for our clients that trim their bottom lines and keep standards high.

Strategic Success Stories

Problem Solving. Strategic Success

We’re in the problem solving business. Faster, more efficient shipping; effortless fulfillment; data at your fingertips 24/7. When our clients come to us we think in terms of problem and solution. Come back soon or contact us to see more examples of how we problem solve for clients on a daily basis.

Example 1

manufacturing parts in storage

Client Problem: One of the world’s largest manufacturing and mining companies needed a Midwest hub to handle intensive, complex management and distribution of thousands of parts.

Strategic Solution: Strategic Warehousing designed an entirely outsourced and custom-built distribution operation for our client, indistinguishable from the company’s own distribution network.

Example 2

natural products

Client Problem: An industry-leading and upscale producer of natural cleaning products needed a reliable, flexible national distribution operation for their growing business. Subject to seasonal retail spikes and line extensions, maximum flexibility and scalability were primary goals.

Strategic Solution: Strategic Warehousing engineered a sophisticated pick-and-pack operation able to efficiently manage the selection, careful packing and efficient shipping of many different brand product items. The operation was located in a 78,000 square feet space and designed for maximum efficiency. To this date, happy consumers have no knowledge that this client outsources their distribution to a national partner.