Our Technology

The measure of any warehousing company is their ability to efficiently manage the daily tasks of their customers.


by:Anthony Jackson

Receiving, put-a-way, re-locating, inventory (cycle counts), and shipping are all daily tasks that have to be done effortlessly and consistently.

Any deficiency in these key areas has a direct impact on the cost flow of goods and an indirect impact on sales.

The main workhorse or main software is the warehouse management system or W.M.S. as it is called in the industry. This software, depending on its complexity, allows companies the flexibility in maintaining the vital assignments needed in a day to day operation and keeping within the core company strategy.

Strategic Warehousing uses LogiMax as its WMS. LogiMax is a 3rd party warehouse logistics solution that is a multifunctional fully customizable platform designed to meet the given demands of Strategic Warehousing’s customers.

Loaded with various custom modules, Strategic Warehousing takes pride in a software solution that can manage the ever changing demands of today’s customer.

Many of Strategic’s customers choose to utilize Strategic’s WMS to solve inventory and or logistical issues inherent to the industry. While others, due to their own pre-existing operating conditions, maintain their own systems.

Fortunately with the forward thinkers at LogiMax the customization of the software allows Strategic Warehousing to integrate easily and successfully with outside WMS’s.

LogiMax features all of the basic warehouse needs from receiving, product re-housing, location management, and shipping but also including:

  • RF or Wireless communication between end users and data terminals. LogiMation allows warehouse workers to fulfill warehouse duties without the need to travel back and forth between offices and other warehouse resources, improving efficiency and accuracy.
  • EDI or Electronic Data Interchange. LogiMax is fully capable of communicating with customers via EDI to insure accuracy in order reception, acknowledgment, shipment, and invoicing. Keeping our customers competitive!
  • Web browser support via LogiView. All of our customers can view real time inventory levels and enter orders to ship from either home or office. Making accessibility to their data convenient and guess free.
  • Kitting availability. Many of our customers have a need to incorporate some of their finished goods into another product all together. This software allows the complete accounting of each item as it moves through its metamorphosis from one product number to another. Fantastic for inventory control on items that are constantly moved around.

With each new customer they are challenged to create a profitable receiving, warehousing, and shipping solution. Decreasing customer costs and creating creative solutions to customer complications is at the heart of Strategic Warehousing.

LogiMax is truly a valued partner of Strategic Warehousing.